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Can Misaligned Spine Cause Constipation?

Published: August 17, 2022

You may often associate spine disorders with movement disabilities. However, did you know that spinal misalignment could also cause constipation?

It happens when your backbone problem irritates your spinal cord and interrupts the nerve signals to your digestive tract. In this case, your excretion difficulties may persist until you solve the misalignment.

Treatment is essential because constipation may cause serious health complications if left untreated.

So, read on to know how a misaligned spine causes constipation. Also, see how a chiropractic care specialist could solve your digestive problem.

Understanding Constipation

Constipation is when you have less than three bowels a week because of excretion difficulties. It also involves symptoms like:

  • Hard stools
  • Straining or experiencing pain during bowel movements
  • Feeling you can’t pass your stool from your rectum completely

This digestive problem may happen to anyone occasionally and usually lasts around one or two weeks. However, it may also persist for about three weeks or more and cause complications like:

  • Impacted or hard, dry stool unable to pass out of the body naturally
  • Hemorrhoids or swollen veins in the rectal area
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Tearing of skin in the anus
  • Rectal prolapse or when the large intestine gets detached and pushed out of the rectum

You should thus seek medical care if you experience long-term constipation or when you notice blood in your stool to avoid complications.

How Spinal Misalignment Cause Constipation

This digestive problem has different causes like:

  • Insufficient daily water intake
  • A diet lacking fiber
  • Particular medications
  • Pregnancy as hormonal changes and womb expansion may affect bowel movements
  • A physically inactive lifestyle with insufficient exercise
  • Ignoring the urge to have bowel movements
  • Health problems like structural digestive tract defects

 In addition, neurological disorders and spine damage like misaligned backbones may also cause constipation.

 Remember that the spinal cord is located inside the backbone and connects the brain to different nerves throughout the body. Backbone misalignments could thus pinch or irritate the spinal cord and affect the signals it sends to various organs.

 Spinal irritation in the middle of the backbone can trigger constipation. The nerve roots connect the spinal cord to the celiac ganglion or the nerve tissues facilitating digestive functions. A misaligned spine pinches the connection to trigger bowel difficulties as your large intestine and rectum cannot function properly.

How Chiropractic Treatment Address Constipation

As mentioned above, backbone misalignment could pinch certain nerve connections from your spinal cord and cause digestive issues. You must thus consult a chiropractor to solve your spine problem and alleviate excretion difficulties.

 Your chiropractic specialist will manipulate your backbones, muscles, and soft tissues to restore backbone alignment. They will also suggest certain exercise routines at home for better physical wellness. Moreover, a chiropractor may suggest particular diet plans that suit your condition, which help improve your nutritional intake while avoiding digestive problems.

 The treatment also heals the affected nerves to restore efficient function. While it doesn’t directly address constipation, chiropractic treatment can thus help solve your digestive problem by restoring your spine alignment.

What to Remember When Getting Chiropractic Treatment for Constipation

While chiropractic treatment could help solve digestive problems, it is vital to remember these points for the best outcomes:

  • Consult with your physician before getting treated. Always remember that constipation may result from different factors, and it is crucial to determine the exact cause of your case. Besides, a chiropractor would also ask for your medical diagnosis and test results as a reference for your treatment.
  • You have to undergo a few sessions to achieve optimal healing. On average, chiropractic clients need around four to twelve sessions for the best outcomes. Moreover, you may get regular sessions for health maintenance, even if you don’t feel any symptoms.
  • You also have to improve your lifestyle to help your backbone heal and avoid different health problems. Follow proper exercise routines and a nutritious diet plan for overall health improvement. Moreover, observe proper posture when performing different physical activities to prevent spine misalignment.

Get Chiropractic Care Treatment for Spine Misalignment and Alleviate Constipation

A misaligned spine can cause various health problems as it may pinch and irritate vital nerve tissues that facilitate bodily functions. It may thus affect your digestive tract and cause constipation. 

You need the correct spine treatment to solve excretion difficulties in this situation and prevent severe health complications. So, visit a chiropractic care specialist to learn the best treatment plan to restore your backbone alignment.

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