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Massage Therapy In Chiropractic Treatment?

Published: June 4, 2019
Massage Therapy In Chiropractic Treatment?

Massage plays an integral part in chiropractic care. They together work at reducing pain, restoring mobility and generally improves the patient’s overall health. In fact, they complement each other, which is why you can expect to get a massage with chiropractic care at Spectrum Wellness.

How massage therapy helps a chiropractor

The manipulations a chiropractor performs are easier, and more effective if performed on a relaxed body. However, ironically, stress is usually the trigger for back or neck pain in a person. The stress, in turn, leads to a stiff body which makes chiropractic manipulations rather difficult.

This is why we at Spectrum Wellness opt to first perform massage therapy on the soft tissues and muscles. This helps to get them ready for chiropractic care and manipulations. The massage also helps improve circulation and blood flow which in turn warms the soft tissues. This is turn helps loosen and relax the muscles.

The massage is generally not something rigid or painful. It involves using light and moderate or deep rhythmic hand and arm movements. This helps to both alleviate muscle pain and ache while increasing body flexibility. This indirectly helps prevent any possible future injuries.

Besides, massage helps dispose of the muscles of any accumulated lactic acid in the muscles. This is vital because lactic acid is often responsible for painful muscle spasms and stiffness.

Chiropractic care- Before or after the Massage

Unlike envisioned, massage gives better results if performed before chiropractic care. Even though they target different tissues, the actions complement each other.

For example, it is a known fact that massage therapy focuses on relaxing the soft tissues. Chiropractic care on the contrary deals with the hard tissues connected to the body’s nervous and musculoskeletal dysfunction systems.

It is when the soft tissue like muscles and tendons surrounding hard tissues like spine, bones, and joints tend to pull tight. This, in turn, leads to the joints ending up unaligned in function.

A massage helps warm, loosen and relax the soft tissues before our chiropractor does any spinal manipulations. This helps make the bone adjustments easy. If you wonder why it is because tight muscles tend to make manipulation of hard tissues difficult.

The effects of chiropractic techniques are improved tri-fold if we perform a massage before or after the session. It helps improve your range of motion, promotes quicker healing of your condition, extends the treatment benefits and gives better results.

Types of massage therapy

Our therapists use different massage techniques depending on the patient and the case. They together help to reduce muscle tension and stiffness and make you relax.
They are divided into:

  • A trigger point massage therapy- This massage focuses on providing relief to the tight areas of the body which is in pain.
  • A deep tissue massage- In case of a deep tissue massage, we use slow movements targeting the muscles but with concentrated pressure.
  • A Swedish massage-This is more of a traditional massage. It helps increase blood flow and circulation for improved relaxation and to even help with the healing process.

We at Spectrum Wellness know and believe that regular massage therapy with chiropractic manipulations provide the best wellness treatment combination. Massage helps loosen muscles for better chiropractic treatment effects and longer pain relief. Continual and regular massage and chiropractic therapy also help prevent the pain from recurring.

There are various other benefits to massage therapy with chiropractic care. It not only helps reduce inflammation, provide pain relief and improve the nervous system function but also helps:

  • Improve blood flow in the body
  • Improve your body immunity
  • Increase body flexibility
  • Improves your movement and range of motion

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Being chiropractors, we at Spectrum Wellness conduct extensive physical examinations, take x-rays, MRIs and tests and also make medical diagnoses. It is based on this information that we decide, and choose the right massage type to treat your particular condition.

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