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Physical Therapy

Published: June 4, 2019
Physical Therapy

We at Spectrum Wellness use physical therapy as part of our chiropractic treatment routine. Both are complementary therapies, which when integrated, help treat and alleviate most health problem. They not only provide pain relief but also heal injuries and other medical problems.

Physical therapy is most commonly used in patients suffering from back pain. Our treatment plan for back pain relief generally includes using spinal manipulations to first restore joint function and movement in the back.

We then use physical therapy to rehabilitate and strengthen the surrounding muscles. Our physical therapist will teach you the right exercises to perform for back pain relief.

We make sure the exercises don’t overstrain you but instead, help improve mobility, strength and muscle tone of the back muscles. In addition to this, the exercises we teach as part of physical therapy all help reduce inflammation.

Physical therapy is helpful at treating other conditions too, like patients who suffer from falls. This is because our physical therapist is well versed in balance and vestibular therapy. This treatment helps patients suffering from falls due to dizziness and other reasons like low blood sugar levels.

Physical therapy helps strengthen and stretch the muscles and connective tissues around the affected region. This provides pain relief, and at the same time also helps improve posture and support while enhancing flexibility and body movements. It may give gradual relief, but physical therapy results are better maintained.

It is not only back pain. A combined treatment plan of chiropractic manipulations and physical therapy can help give relief to patients suffering from knee, neck, and ankle and even shoulder problems.

We may also use the combination to give relief and to quicken the recovery process of patients who have just recovered from joint replacement surgery, or have undergone rotator cuff repairs.

We especially place importance in using physical therapy in case of sports-related injuries. These injuries are usually due to chronic wear and tear, and physical therapy helps reduce any inflammation there is while strengthening tired muscles.

Sometimes it may be a slipped disc or some other injury that leaves you bedridden for some time. This is when physical therapy helps to later help you strengthen your legs and start walking once again.

Our physical therapists can also detect any bone problems you have just by taking a look at your gait. The way you limp or tilt to a side, or walk with a hunch indicates if and where you have bone problems. We can also help teach you to use your non-dominant hand. And if you have a prosthesis, we work at helping you walk as comfortable as possible with it.

So you see, physical therapy is as important as chiropractic care, and even surgery. This is because while surgeons are competent at reattaching limbs or repairing fractured bones, its physical therapy and the related exercises which eventually help restore your bodily functions.

It’s depending on the injury that our physical therapists determine if you need just exercises or if you need other therapies for complete relief. Examples of other therapies we may consider are heat treatment, massage and strength training. We will also teach you how to perform additional specific exercises at home to complement the therapy we conduct at Spectrum Wellness.

In short, we use our chiropractic skills to analyze and determine the cause of your back pain. Once this is ascertained we use chiropractic care and physical therapy to alleviate the pain and increase the quality of life for you. We may also integrate massage therapy into the treatment plan for complete pain relief.

However, we do advise that you cannot expect to experience overnight benefits through physical therapy. You may have to undergo a few sessions before you notice any differences. You will also have to come to our clinic for the requisite physical therapy sessions with commitment for results.

Besides, the time taken to start feeling the benefits induced varies from person to person. The amount of time you need to recover from your injury also depends on the injury that you had.

On average, it takes about two weeks to notice a difference. However don’t be surprised if you feel better in a few weeks’ time. There are also cases where patients don’t feel any difference till after a month or so.

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