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Ways to Improve Posture While Working from Home

Published: November 16, 2020
Ways to Improve Posture While Working from Home

Over time, the way we sit, the use of the mobile, the work with the computer, can affect our body posture. The adoption of bad postural habits can lead to back and / or neck pain. To avoid these disorders we want to teach you four ways to improve posture while working from home. We hope this blog helps you improve your posture and your quality of life.

We know that working from home can make you lazier and therefore adopt a bad posture to work. With so many hours working, in the end, our back and neck suffer too much, especially those of us who spend hours and hours in front of a computer.

And it is that the accumulation of stress, fatigue, and concentration together with a bad posture, whether sitting or standing, is the cause of symptoms such as muscular tension in the wrists and hands, lower back pain, stiffness, and numbness of the nape and neck.

These Are 4 Ways to Improve Posture While Working from Home

Poorly located computers, very high or very low screens, lack of space to support the wrists or rest the arms are the most common problems that workers face when sitting at their workstation. It is, therefore, very important to remedy and try to improve all these details so that our joints suffer as little as possible.

These are the top four ways to improve posture while working from home:

  1. Put your feet firmly on the ground
  2. Avoid leaning your neck and back forward
  3. Get up and move frequently
  4. Your desk should be the right height

Do you spend a lot of time in front of a computer? So these four tips will be very helpful. Ergonomics at work is very important if you want to avoid pain since our body has been designed to be in constant movement and not many hours sitting in front of a computer. Thus, knowing how to adopt a good ergonomic posture will allow you to avoid muscle problems, low back pain, tendonitis, or back pain.

Put Your Feet Firmly on the Ground

Put Your Feet Firmly on the Ground

It is important that the height of the chair allows you to rest the soles of your feet on the floor completely, forming an angle of 90º on the legs. If the chair is too high, you can use a footrest that is adjustable and wide enough so that your feet and legs can move freely.

We also recommend that you to adapt your workspace, you must ensure that you have general, natural, or artificial light, and a direct focus to your workplace for those moments that require greater precision. With good lighting, you will avoid eye strain and headaches. And remember, if you are right-handed you need the light to enter from your left. Instead, lefties need him to enter from the right.

Avoid Leaning Your Neck and Back Forward

Avoid Leaning Your Neck and Back Forward

*. Picture taken on https://healthmatters.nyp.org

These postures are often adopted when using mobile devices. The best way to look at them would be by placing it at chest level. By avoiding these harmful inclinations you will avoid recurring injuries. You should also keep your ears in line with your shoulders. If you are leaning too far forward or backward, your posture is off-center. Use this trick when you are sitting at your desk.

Some people sit on the front edge of the chair or in seats that lean forward, letting the knees drop a few inches. This has the positive effect of straightening the pelvis, restoring part of the lordosis to the lower back. The downside of this posture is fatigue and pressure. If a lot of weight is transferred to the feet, the discomfort of the legs becomes apparent.

Get up and Move Frequently

Get up and Move Frequently

Sitting for long periods of time is really terrible for the body. Your blood flows more slowly, your abdominal muscles weaken, your bones become thin due to inactivity, and your life expectancy decreases.

It is therefore essential that you incorporate mini-walks into your daily routine, getting up every hour or so. You can start by climbing the stairs, and taking breaks to get up and walk to the farthest bathroom. Integrating constant movement into your work routine also has an additional benefit: It improves your efficiency and concentration.

Your Desk Should Be the Right Height

Your Desk Should Be the Right Height

The work table should not be too high or low, it has to be adapted to your height and characteristics. If you don’t have an adjustable table, you can complement it with an adjustable chair, a footrest, and even a lectern to improve your reading and writing.

When using the computer you must place the upper part of it at the level of your eyes and in such a way that reflections do not occur. Also, rest every 5 minutes looking, if possible, out the window to exercise your visual focus from afar.

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