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Why chiropractic care is best for treating work injuries

Published: March 6, 2019

Why chiropractic care is best for treating work injuries.

Do you suffer from work-related injuries like back and wrist pain? If yes, you are one of the more than 350 million people who suffer from non-fatal work injuries every year. 

Its associated chronic pain often keeps people out of work for days or weeks together and has a major impact on their quality of life. Instead of letting these work-related injuries prevent you from living life to the fullest, and taking pain pills for temporary relief, it’s better to try out chiropractic care for work injury pain relief.

Common work injuries

It’s not just hard labor work like driving trucks or moving heavy equipment that can trigger workplace injuries. Even prolonged sitting at desks and continuously using the computer can trigger chronic injuries. The common workplace injuries are divided into:

  • Injuries because of repetitive work done every day. It can be lifting heavy objects or typing and can lead to problems like carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain.
  • Serious injuries due to falls down stairs or slipping on a wet floor.
  • Injuries induced by fallen objects like neck or back injuries
  • Overexertion leading to chronic pain due to lifting or carrying heavy objects.

How to handle work injuries

Never neglect work injuries. You need to give it medical attention as quickly as possible because negligence only leads to complications in the long run. There’s a short cut to pain relief through pain medication.

It however doesn’t help treat the condition but only masks the pain for temporary pain relief. Chiropractic care is a much better and effective treatment option.

It is a better option mainly because it’s completely drug-free and promotes quicker healing and relief. Chiropractors don’t just help manage the symptoms; they work at treating the cause.

Why chiropractic care is better for treating workplace injuries

There are various reasons proving why a chiropractor is better for treating work injuries than a doctor.

a)    Increases range-of-motion and body flexibility

Chiropractic care involves using the help of techniques like physical therapy, decompression, spinal manipulation, and ergonomics to increase your body flexibility and physical and mental outlook. It in the process even helps prevent unnecessary future injuries.

b)    Cheaper treatment option

Statistics prove that employees who visit chiropractors to treat their condition spend less on health care. The company, in fact, benefits more with chiropractic care which reduces everyone’s health costs.

c)     The best and quickest recovery option

Chiropractor provides the best treatment for any type of musculoskeletal pain. The treatment process is even faster, which means you can get back to work faster and have to miss fewer days of work.

Chiropractor care also helps reduce the chances of getting injured and missing work again through their pain management plan. This plan focuses on establishing a return-to-work plan and creating the best self-management strategies befitting the patient’s condition.

d)    Natural treatment option

Chiropractic doesn’t use the help of any pain medications to provide pain relief. This is because pain pills only increases the chances of disability. Chiropractic care instead treats the root cause for your pain and discomfort and not your symptoms. It works at helping your body strike a balance to improve your body’s performance and ability at healing itself when injured.

e)    Can treat various workplace injuries

Chiropractors can treat many types of workplace injuries. It doesn’t matter if you have a simple sprain or strain or a herniated disc, they can treat all these workplace induced injuries. They can also treat repetitive injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Sometimes it’s just your poor posture that induces back and neck pain by stressing your body’s natural curve. Chiropractic care will provide you with techniques and strategies to improve your posture and thus reduce the chances of triggering any work injuries.

Remember, everyone is at risk of suffering from some sort of work-related pain like low back pain or wrist pain. Treating it with pain medications, without getting to the root cause for the problem, will lead to your eventually finding even a menial task of reaching for a dropped pen difficult.

Instead of waiting for the last minute, it’s better to consult an experienced and certified chiropractor like Spectrum Wellness Rehab at the first signs of work-related pain and discomfort. They will diagnose your condition and come up with a pain-management plan that best suits your condition and lifestyle.

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